Support the Melbourne Madinah

Thank you for choosing to support the Melbourne Madinah in order to establish an Islamic Community Centre in the Melbourne CBD.

May Allah reward you & your family and protect your wealth & health. Ameen.

Please see support options below

1. Provide us with a short term interest free loan

We have less than $200,000 to be paid off to those who had assisted us last year in raising the required $4.5 million to purchase the Madinah subhan Allah. We are nearly there are with your support we will be able to get past this small hurdle.

If you are able to provide us with a short term 12 month interest free loan (Qard Hassan) of $10,000 or more please submit your details below and we will be in touch to discuss.

JazaakumAllahu Khairan

  • Provide your details to provide a short term interest free loan Click here

2. PayPal one off donation

You can make a one off donation via PayPal below

3. Donation via Bank Deposit

You can also make a donation to our bank account with the below details

  • Bank: Bank of Melbourne
  • Account Name: Mercy Mission Dawah Inc.
  • BSB: 192879
  • Account: 428401307
  •  Reference:
    • For online transfer use “MADINAH”
    • For over the counter deposit use 0000
  • SWIFT code # SGBLAU2S
  • IBAN: 192879428401307

Thank you!

May Allah reward you and your family immensely. You are one of those who Allah has chosen to support this project to provide our Muslim community with a landmark project right in the CBD of Melbourne, that will insha Allah serve as a representation of our beautiful religion for generations to come. Ameen.