What is the Madinah?

The Madinah is not just a place for prayers. It is what most people would call a community centre, but we like to call it the Madinah symbolizing the holy city of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

So what is the Madinah?

As you walk in through the doors of the Madinah, you feel a peaceful energy. A calm that envelopes you, while at the same time that spiritually motivates you. It’s a community in the midst of the hustle & hustle of the Melbourne CBD that provides people with a retreat to take a break from this world. A place people can meet friends, make friends, connect socially and spiritually and above all grow in our love for Allah.

So how do we do this?

        • This is a house of Allah. Not a centre run by us. Hence everyone is welcome at the Madinah.
        • We don’t judge, nor do we impose. Hijabi or not. Bearded or not. Long pants or running shorts. We aim to provide an environment where no matter who you are, if you have an inclination to learn more about Islam, practice more or just offer your prayers, you will feel welcome.
        • We offer plenty of lounge spaces at the Madinah for people to relax and unwind apart from prayer areas. Table tennis tables, a pool table, couches and coffee tables for all of you to share your food, there’s plenty at the Madinah for you to feel at home.

Great. So hopefully by now you have an idea of what the Madinah is about. But if you’re thinking it’s just a social club, you’re wrong. Click here to read more about all the structured activities we run including classes, events, open days, camps, Ramadan programs, lectures, workshops, school holiday programs and more!