Alhamdulillah, only $250k left to pay off short-term loans and establish a Madinah in the CBD for all of us!

Mission Possible


Jumu’ah prayers will be held at the below location for the month of November 2018

Jasper Hotel
489 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000
(No wudu facilities available)

Click here for google maps location

Due to limited venue space, we will conduct two congregational Jummah prayers:
Khutbah 1 – 12:30 PM
Khutbah 2 – 1:15 PM

Last updated: 9 Nov 2018

The Madinah Next campaign

The Madinah Next campaign is about establishing a permanent Madinah in the Melbourne CBD. Why? So that the Muslims have a place they can call home, right in the city. When they're working, studying or just dropping by for some shopping. The time to do this is now, with your support, before property prices sky rocket in the city. The Madinah is run by you, for the community. Whether or not you personally frequent the Madinah, just the fact that you will be facilitating prayers for 1000s of Muslims on it's own should make everyone of us yearn to be part of this project.


Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury

Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury

We must all support this effort to have our very own mosque in the heart of the city serving the needs of both Muslims and Non Muslims wanting to learn about Islam.

Sheikh Alaa Elsayed

Sheikh Alaa Elsayed

A great place for the community that I have personally taken pride in fundraising for.

Ustadh Ismail Davids

Ustadh Ismail Davids

Melbourne Madinah, a place where you will find peace, tranquility and some of tbe best Islamic services, right in the centre and hustle and bustle of the most livable city.



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April, 2011

Australian Annual Islamic Conference, $380,000 raised to start the Madinah.


August 2011 (Ramadan)

The first home of the Madinah was established at 36 La Trobe Street, Melbourne in the blessed month of Ramadan with guests Sheikh Sajid Umar & Iqbal Nasim



August, 2013 (Ramadan)

Moved to the second home of the Madinah at 47 City Rd, Southbank. By the Will of Allah we didn’t miss a single Jumu’ah and completed the entire move within a week!



04 June, 2014

The forgotten obligations money – Joint event by Crescent Wealth, National Zakat Foundation & Wasiyyah Islamic Wills.



25 March 2016

10th year of Twins of Faith conference. At the crucial juncture to determine the next steps for our Madinah


  • Raymond Sabur

    Youth from all different walks of life come here, and they do feel welcome, then they start bringing their friends and a lot of them come here and leave a better person.

  • Eva Maleken

    I think that we could all agree that Melbourne Madinah has a very soft spot in our hearts, in terms of the sisterhood and the friendship that we make..

  • Munir Abdella

    The Madinah in the city is a second home for everyone and is a reminder of the original city of Madinah Al Munawarah during the time of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

  • Tahir Usman

    It's not my place, or your place, its a place to connect with Allah... Madinah was a concept of a Masjid, it's not only a masjid, it's a Masjid plus, which looks at activities for the kids, for adults, for everyone; the whole community,

  • Selam Ahmed

    Every single week when I keep coming back, I realise that it's such a priority, and if just one of the volunteers' roles drop, it would not be the same and it would not run the same, and that's how important the Madinah is..