Ramadan Activities

This Ramadan, we will have the below activities daily

  • Iftaar – We provide some dates, fruits & light snacks to break your fast
  • Maghrib Salah
    • 5 minutes after Iftaar
  • We provide a free meal immediately after Maghrib Salah
  • Isha – 7 PM
  • Taraweeh – Immediately after Isha
    • We pray 8 rak’ah of Taraweeh.
    • We have a short talk after 4 rak’ah
    • We aim to finish Taraweeh latest by 8.30 PM

Last 10 days

During the last 10 days, we have the below additional activites

  • Tahajjud prayer – 3.30 AM
  • Suhoor – We will provide free meals for Suhoor.
  • Fajr – at Fajr time


We will be offering spaces for brothers & sisters for I’tikaaf this year as well. Spaces are limited and registrations are mandatory

  • I’tikaaf will start Saturday, 25 June after Maghrib Salah.
  • Brothers – 25
  • Sisters – 20
  • No children under 16 are allowed


*By registering your details you agree to below terms & conditions

  1. Doors will close between 9:30pm and 3:15am. No entry or exit between these hours will be permitted, with exception for emergencies.
  2. Those partaking in I’tikaf MUST register beforehand.
  3. There will be no disturbances to other worshippers, neighbours and attendees of the mosque; including smoking or loud noises at all times.
  4. All forms of personal cleaning as well as the performance of ablution should be restricted to the designated area.
  5. Cleanliness of the Melbourne Madinah must be maintained at all times.
  6. No guests are allowed for individual nights.
  7. Meals must be consumed in the designated areas.
  8. I’tikaf must be performed in allocated areas.
  9. You are responsible for your belongings at all times and the Madinah Management does not take any responsibility for items that are lost or stolen.
  10. All instructions by authorised Madinah Staff, must be followed.
  11. Applications for third parties will not be accepted.
  12. Everyone must bring their own sleeping bags, pillows, toiletries.
  13. I’tikaf will be limited to 25 brothers & 20 sisters
  14. Strictly do not engage in an un-Islamic manner or behave in an un-Islamic conduct.
  15. All attendees must provide an emergency contact number.
  16. Anyone under 18 must provide the details of their parents/guardians.
  17. You must be over the age of 16 to register.