• Raymond Sabur

    Youth from all different walks of life come here, and they do feel welcome, then they start bringing their friends and a lot of them come here and leave a better person.

  • Eva Maleken

    I think that we could all agree that Melbourne Madinah has a very soft spot in our hearts, in terms of the sisterhood and the friendship that we make..

  • Munir Abdella

    The Madinah in the city is a second home for everyone and is a reminder of the original city of Madinah Al Munawarah during the time of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

  • Tahir Usman

    It's not my place, or your place, its a place to connect with Allah... Madinah was a concept of a Masjid, it's not only a masjid, it's a Masjid plus, which looks at activities for the kids, for adults, for everyone; the whole community,

  • Selam Ahmed

    Every single week when I keep coming back, I realise that it's such a priority, and if just one of the volunteers' roles drop, it would not be the same and it would not run the same, and that's how important the Madinah is..