Madinah Next

The Madinah has been running in the CBD for the last five years by leasing out properties. We’ve grown from being a centre used by under 50 people to one that is being used by more than 500 people every week.

With our next generation becoming more professional it is only evident that there will be more and more Muslims either living, working or studying in the CBD. We want to use this opportunity and your support to establish a permanent Madinah, a spiritual home right in the CBD so that for years to come, Muslims Will have somewhere they can call their Madinah when they are in Melbourne.

Madinah Next is our way of saying it’s time to move on to the next chapter of the Madinah. A bigger & better chapter which will have its challenges but not doubt will have its reward. As Allah says in the Holy Qur’an, with difficulty comes ease, and we expect it to be difficult but we look forward to the ease.

The Madinah Next campaign is about getting your support to fund buying a new Madinah. A place we can call our own at a time when it’s still possible before property prices sky rocket in the city. The Madinah is run by you, for the community. Whether or not you personally frequent the Madinah, just the fact that you will be facilitating prayers for 1000s of Muslims on it’s own should make everyone of us yearn to be part of this project.

To find out details about the properties we are considering and the status of this campaign click here.

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