Think about it. An increasing portion of our next generation are studying university degrees. In a few years they will all be in the CBD. Wouldn’t we want to provide a Islamic sanctuary for them, in the cbd so they may pray, meet and network with other Muslims, spend their Ramadan after work and do much more in an Islamic environment? The question should be why NOT the CBD?

Also, we’ve noticed something amazing over the past 5 years in the Barakah Allah had put in the Madinah. Being in the CBD allows us to circumvent technical majorities and biases which unfortunately tends to estrange more Muslims than unite them. Being in the CBD we have people from all different suburbs and ethnicities being completely comfortable.with another as the city is essentially a true multicultural hub. This is a blessing of Allah and by growing this perhaps it will be one of many steps to unite our Ummah.

Yes everyone is welcome at the Madinah. There have been many people who visit and enquire about what it is that the Madinah does. There are many non Muslim schools with whom we arrange for school visits so the students may find out more about the truth that Islam has to offer.

The Madinah is an initiative under the Mercy Mission global movement. It is run largely by volunteers using funds from people like yourself in the community. Essentially it is run by the community for the community – as cliched as that sounds.

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